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     7 Stars Digital Technology Limited is engaged in audio product design, development and sales,
     products include high-grade bluetooth headset, high-end 2.1 soundbar home theater for LED TV.

     Companys core team with strong market insight, has profound understanding to the product,
     Business team long-term focus on and develop the market of Europe and the United States
     and the technical team have more than 20 years of professional experience in the field of

     product development and acoustic engineering.

     The Bluetooth headset VS401, obtained the domestic and foreign customers extremely high opinion at beginning,
     with HiFi sound quality and competitive price, we have great advantage in the market.

     The soundbar SB100, compared with traditional 2.1 system, we integrated the full range and subwoofer together after many times improving,
     power and quality have a qualitative leap.
     Coupled with the humanized design, with infrared remote control and physical keys, which make the soundbar easy to operate.

     Especially for below shortcut keys

     Mute key: allows you to Mute the TV sound quicky while picking up your phone;
     Cinema key: make you watch the movie on TV just like watch at the big cinema;
     BASS key: follow to adjust BASS effect at your pleasure,to improve the TV’s bass sound.
     PS21 and PS10, with their excellent sound and beautiful design attracted a large number of fans.

     Thanks to the market feedback and customers well positive response, we will offer better products to

     customers at home and abroad.